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We must not forget the main purpose of this website … bringing back into focus that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.

The activity for today’s event for the Women’s March on Washington was to send postcards to our representatives and senators. I sent emails and fb messages instead.

However, the first thing I did, was PRAY for healing for all the issues that are going on in America. I believe that this is a priority. PRAYER, indeed, does CHANGE THINGS.

I commend the ones who are representing us who are sticking to the principles of caring for their constituents. I encourage all of them, and all of us, to remain positive, prayerful, and loving.

Together, we can make changes for the good of all Americans. Just look around, you can see that our efforts are making a difference!


Sharon & Erick


 Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy.

We vote in elections occasionally,

but when we volunteer,

we Vote every day about the kind of community we want to live in.

Learn more about Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is more prevalent than we can imagine. I have recently become involved in more research and participation on sites that help make us aware of this tragedy. Please read about these issues and share any thoughts you have.

Missing the signs of domestic violence

Get involved


Get involved in things going on in the legislature.

The 4th Branch summarizes bills debated in congress. You vote on the summaries. Emails show you how your representatives voted on the same issues. Your Link To Congress!

We must always . . .


We must always:
Be uncomfortable amidst injustice;
Disquiet in the face of wrongs; and
Disturbed as unfairness persists.

We must never allow bigotry to be easy; or hate to normalize
We must remain defiant
We must resist.

More dangerous than hate is apathy
More dangerous than bigotry is silence
And More dangerous than injustice is the acquiescence to it.

Let us be resolved:
To be vigilant in the defense of others;
To be restless in pursuits of justice;
And let us never grow weary in the work of love.

Cory Booker
November 2016


Power to Choose