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As you know, this site is based on We the people, praying, being involved in active ways, and supporting in a positive way the people who are in our government. Regardless of whether we agree with what they are doing, we have a responsibility, and it is a privilege, to have our voices heard. If we disagree, let us reach out to those we disagree with, rather than complaining.

Considering the world situation is escalating even as we write, it is more important than ever to cover everyone with prayer. God is in charge. He will always be in charge. And some of what is happening is to cause a Great Awakening of our perspectives and put our minds and hearts on what is really important each day. I ask you to join us in prayer daily. Prayer Changes Things!

I just sent 2 tweets to Donald Trump

I guess today’s information of what’s new and happening in Trump World, just rubbed me the wrong way. I am not full of hate. I’m not geared that way. My goal each day is to live a life of love. Instead, I try my best to encourage and compliment others. These tweets may not represent those goals; however, I do believe we ALL MUST ACT!  So….

I wrote to our President. Here’s what I said.

#1 I am so saddened by your lack of feelings for your fellow Americans, especially since you claim you are a Christian.

#2 I would beg you to look into your Bible, and pray, and see if God is happy with your decisions. He is LOVE. Are you?

I’m sick on my stomach! My blood is boiling! Warning – Image is graphic!

syria-gas-attack-header Just one of the pictures on twitter today.

Statement from

“I see…a man with a girl. The medics are trying to treat her. But they can’t, because she is dead.”


I just saw the horrible pictures coming out of Syria today. If you have seen them, you know what I’m talking about. This is a fundamentally excruciatingly devastating situation in which I have a hard time keeping my cool. What do we do? I’m not sure there is much we can do, other than pray. Prayer is always a great thing to do. In the middle of the prayers, however, I am nauseated.

How can the Syrian government order a chemical attack on innocent people, especially children?

Would love to hear your comments on this. Are you bothered?


Agape Love

These days we can find more than one politician trying to sow division in his own country and in the world. The are very handy bullies who can keep their outlook unchanged like a good strong high quality wig. their periwig may be their trade mark, hiding what is underneath that peruke. Like postiches are fake people may not forget those words spoken by such politicians may also be fake.

We can hear those politicians, which claim to be Christians, picking on Jews, Muslims and immigrants . . . Read more at:  Seeds from the world . . .



colourful-leaves Prayer Changes Things

We must not forget the main purpose of this website … bringing back into focus that PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.

The activity for today’s event for the Women’s March on Washington was to send postcards to our representatives and senators. I sent emails and fb messages instead.

However, the first thing I did, was PRAY for healing for all the issues that are going on in America. I believe that this is a priority. PRAYER, indeed, does CHANGE THINGS.

I commend the ones who are representing us who are sticking to the principles of caring for their constituents. I encourage all of them, and all of us, to remain positive, prayerful, and loving.

Together, we can make changes for the good of all Americans. Just look around, you can see that our efforts are making a difference!


Sharon & Erick

No Mercy

Joe Kennedy III


You can read the full story here bit.ly/2mnV3Sw


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