If, We The People . . .

We started this website based on our deepest concerns for a way to connect with others who are feeling frustrated, depressed, shocked and so much more. We all need encouragement and inspiration to help us through each day. Here is a place we can accomplish that.

It is not about religion, idealogy, race, color, or creed, or any one belief. It is based on our love and willingness to share that love with whoever needs it.

This is a safe environment where we can find ways to share, support, and get to know each other, and hopefully reach out in unique ways to effect changes that will benefit all of our nation.

Prayer Changes Things. Regardless of the God you pray to, the Call is to do something we all can do–pray for each other, and our country.

We welcome you with open arms and hearts.

Our email address is sharin_his_love2@yahoo.com. We encourage you to write and share with us.

Erick and Sharon Rule