#82 Haircut – ‘Do Looks Matter?’

You are hilarious. My husband immediately laughed as he completely related.


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It is fair to say that when I was growing up I wasn’t someone who was too concerned with their appearance. This is not due to some deep seated beauty or self-confidence, I just don’t think I found a mirror until I was about 18. That hypothesis is supported by significant photographic evidence from around that time.

My hair was never long though, so I must have gotten haircuts. That is something which must have happened. I am just not sure when or who by, and when I say by whom I mean it very much in a ‘it was Mr. Pink in the conservatory with the garden shears’ kind of way.

I don’t know why it took so long to finally put effort into my appearance. I like to think it is because I had a deep sense of…

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