The Neighborhood

power of respect image by John Hain

“There is nothing more despicable
than respect based on fear.”
– Albert Camus, Philosopher


In every culture, on every level there is a line that need not be crossed. It is not written, rarely stated and never etched in sand, but simply taken for granted – or discarded – that regardless of our differences there is still respect of man; a reverence of one another, as an extension of oneself. Not necessarily on a spiritual level nor from a lineage perspective, but a sense of knowing, that we are all in this world together. Rather rich or poor, black or white, christian or muslim, that indeed, we are our brothers keeper.

As human beings, we are full of uncontrolled emotions. We may laugh one minute, then without notice, breakdown and cry. We allow rage to overcome us, to blow an everyday situation, way out of…

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