Metaphor and Trauma: The Story of an Extreme Emotional Journey


surreal_animal_paintings_14 Fiction Writing: A Pathway to Post-traumatic Growth

I experienced a pathway into post-traumatic growth that saved my life from the maladaptive behaviours I was losing it to by writing ‘Warrior,’ an adult survivor of childhood complex trauma coming of age novel. Writing fiction enabled me to combat the depression; social phobia and compulsion to avoid the world outside my front door like nothing else I’d previously tried.

Afraid and ashamed, there was nothing I wouldn’t do to hide or execute an escape to conceal the past experiences I believed made me a repulsive person. I also couldn’t bare anyone knowing how much I struggled and in many ways failed to function as I thought an adult should.

In situations where I couldn’t escape I would hide or be sure to never speak my truth. Keeping everything I couldn’t say silent inside began to get too heavy in my mid-twenties. As…

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